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 Orientation Week at Mombasa Campus







 At its January orientation program, KESRA welcomed 413 new students at its Nairobi and Mombasa Campuses as 349 continuing students prepared for the new semester. 

New students set to begin their first Semester this month were thrilled to meet and engage with fellow students all in an effort have a better understanding of Taxation.

As part of the orientation, new students met with representatives from various divisions on campus, including Academics and Student Affairs, Marketing and the Library. They had the opportunity to interact with the faculty, ask questions and learn more about an array of services available to them.

KESRA takes part in Career fair

School leavers set to join tertiary institutions got an opportunity to get all the information they needed to make an informed decision about studying at KESRA.

With the release of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), students will be deciding where their preferences lie and asking questions about which institutions will best prepare them to embark on their careers.

In collaboration with Nation Media’s My Network, KESRA took part in the career day to connect prospective students with academics and advisers to provide information and advice on the programmes offered by the school.

 “Helping prospective students connect their interests and careers they can pursue in taxation and customs field is at the core of what we do,” said Perex Macoduol from the Academics and Student Affairs. She added, “Making a decision that impacts and sets the foundation for student’s careers is critical and therefore important for us to provide them with guidance to enable them make the best decision.”

The career day was an opportune event to share KESRA’s unique programmes in Tax, Customs and Fiscal Policy.  

Teresa Nafula

I chose KESRA because it’s the leading in training institution in this course. After my studies, I would like to open/start a clearing and forwarding firm and be a customs officer.

Outside class I like visiting new places, making new friends, watching movies and listening to music.

Agnes Noel

I am pursuing a Diploma in Customs Administration. I chose to do it because I found out there is a shortage of customs officers in Kenya. I want to learn and understand trade facilitation in the region particularly imports and exports. I would like to be part of the export business so as to raise revenue for our country. At KESRA, you get to engage with professionals in the industry as you gain knowledge in the field.

After my studies, I would like to be a clearing and forwarding agent or a customs officer to support trade facilitation.

My hobbies include network marketing, hiking, mountaineering, doing fieldwork like the airport or border control to widen my knowledge on my course. Aside from that, I am also studying French part-time.

David Asimba

I am taking a Diploma in Customs Administration. I chose Customs because I wanted to know more about customs operations and procedures nationally, regionally, and internationally.

I chose KESRA because it is an ISO-certified institution hence recognized internationally. KESRA has the tools, experienced lectures and is part of KRA which is mandated by the government to enforce national and international trade regulations. It is a good opportunity to learn the rules of origin and anti-dumping among other topics.

Outside class, I enjoy singing through the strong KESRA choir.

After training, I want to be part of the team that ensures that goods entering our country are safe and of benefit to our citizens by checking on restrictions and prohibitions at the border.

Kevin Kebo

After my studies, I would love to work as a Customs Officer or open my clearing and forwarding firm. Outside of class, I love travelling, swimming, reading novels, watching movies, listening to music and adventure.

Agui Sheryl

I am doing Diploma in Customs Administration. I chose the course because I have an interest in customs and international trade in general and because it has a lot of career opportunities.

I chose KESRA because it is the best institution offering the course I am taking.

I enjoy visiting new places, doing research about different problems our country is facing and trying to find solutions to it.I also like reading a lot of journals.

I aspire to be a customs agent.I will use my diploma to gain more experience in the field of customs through internships and any job opportunity I'll get along the way. After that I will intend to pursue a degree in the same field.

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