Corporate Strategy, Innovation, Data Governance planning & Policy

Course Overview

The Course is mainly designed for participants to identify and understand appropriate corporate strategies based on value innovation for organizational performance, learn the integral approaches to leadership and contemporary global trends and practices towards transformational leadership for organizational sustainability, learn, discover and develop agile and innovative strategies to drive innovation within organizations, gain and acquire relevant experiences in multiple domains across policy-making and clear understanding on critical aspects of organizational policy development and analysis.

Target Audience:

Board members & C-level executives who are board-facing ( e.g. CEO, CFO, CHRO, CSO), Chief Internal Auditors (CIA), Directors, Heads of Government Units and Parastatals, company secretaries and board liaison officers, financial controllers &heads of departments.

Date Duration Venue Cost
May 20th  –  May 31st 2024 10 days Naivasha Ksh. 150,000 (Exclusive of VAT)


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