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The Tax Prism, a product of the Kenya Revenue Authority is an authority in the discourse topical issues… a must have journal for industry captains and opinion shapers. Its unique approach and focus is one that has set it above par. President Dr. William S. Ruto articulated his key areas of focus in his address to the Nation at his inauguration ceremony, and I see a direct correlation with what the Tax Prism has been disseminating from the knowledge created by a carefully selected pool of opinion leaders. Relevance is pivotal and the editorial team, lead by Commissioner, KESRA, has shown their metal. It is criminal (ooooh almost criminal 🙂 that you have not subscribed as you are missing out on priceless knowledge from across the globe. Subscribe now. Well done Githii Mburu – Commissioner General KRA.
Dr. Julian Rowa. Chief Executive Officer, Shajuls Management Consulting Ltd.

“My journey with the Kenya Revenue Authority through the distinguished efforts of the Tax Prism, via the leadership of Wandiri Murithi, and commendable team efforts, ushered me into an environment I regard as: The Citadel of thought leadership, where the very best across industry, make their insightful contributions. Finding myself in great company: as a contributing thought leader and writer. We look forward to days ahead: as you widen this circle, to welcome more leaders into this ecosystem. More wins.”

Shadrack Kubyane. Co-Founder: Coronet Blockchain