Strategic Leadership in Governance, Taxation and Organizational Development

Course duration : 29th Nov – 8th Dec – Malaysia

Cost: Kshs 230,000 (Excluding tax, travel and accommodation costs)

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Program Background

In today’s uncertain world, strategies must be agile. Those organizations that do not afford equal attention to strategic agility and innovation, risk stagnating, losing their value and competitive edge. Innovations are adopted by public organizations to improve the services delivered to users and citizens, with the broad aim of improving quality of life and building better and stronger communities. Knowledge of the processes of innovation adoption and the characteristics of innovative organizations is rapidly developing in public services. The unique interdependency between strategies, innovation, policy & planning creates unmatched organizational value that helps drive productivity and outstanding performance for effective service delivery.

In our extended role as a capacity builder for the public sector, the Kenya School of Revenue Administration (KESRA) offer to fulfil this mandate by offering an International program in Corporate Strategy Planning, Innovation & policy. This highly interactive programme is designed to equip experienced professionals with the practical tools to effectively formulate and execute transformative strategies that drive growth, maximize organization value and make a dynamic impact in our rapidly changing global business environment. The program provides participants with enhanced knowledge on how to develop and deliver innovative corporate strategies aimed at improving organizational agility to sustain outstanding performance with acceptable global governance practices. The course critically evaluates and describes transformational leadership models, frameworks, and their contributions to leadership practice and effectiveness in the context of an organization’s corporate strategy. In addition, the course not only explores different Policy-making ideologies and contexts but also addresses the interdependent relationship between corporate planning and organizational performance.

Course Learning Objectives:

The course is mainly designed for participants to:

• Identify and understand appropriate corporate strategies based on value innovation for organizational performance.
• Learn the integral approaches to leadership and contemporary global trends and practices towards transformational leadership for organizational sustainability.
• Learn, discover and develop agile and innovative strategies to drive innovation within organizations.
• Gain and acquire relevant experience in multiple domains across policy-making and a clear understanding of critical aspects of organizational policy development and analysis.
• Appreciate the role of corporate planning in organizational performance.

Focus Areas:

• Corporate Strategy
• Transformational Leadership
• Innovation
• Data-Driven Management
• Policy
• Planning

Target Audience:

Board members & C-level executives who are board-facing ( e.g. CEO, CFO, CHRO, CSO), Chief Internal Auditors (CIA), Directors, Heads of Government Units and Parastatals, company secretaries and board liaison officers, financial controllers &heads of departments.

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