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Young and Brilliant : Tax Student Practising Law Shares His Experience

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Brian Onyango; Student pursuing Higher National Diploma in Tax Administration and Lawyer by Profession.

“I am an optimist who strongly believes that every situation in life is a lesson. Whenever opportunity avails itself, it is always useful to receive value and give value to others; That is why I joined Kenya School of Revenue Administration (KESRA)”, said Brian Onyango, a legal practitioner and an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya.

Brian juggles between his studies and career as a legal practitioner in the real estate industry with a key focus on civil and commercial dispute resolution and corporate transactions.  With tax compliance continuously being a challenge among his clients, Brian saw it fit to advance his competency in tax administration to improve the quality of his legal services.

According to Brian, KESRA is a reputable institution as it is one of the few institutions providing programs in tax and customs administration in Africa.  Brian enjoys the programs at KESRA because they provide a practical approach towards diverse issues of tax within Kenya and globally. “My faculty is comprised of experienced tax practitioners with extensive practice in tax administration,” Brian says. “I’m glad I chose to enroll at KESRA.” He adds.

As a student at KESRA pursuing the Higher National Diploma in Tax Administration, Brian encourages young people and professionals to enroll in taxation programs, especially at KESRA.  He says, as Kenyans, one of our key duties is to diligently pay our taxes to support the development of the nation. To effectively do this, having a deep understanding of various forms of tax obligations and responsibilities is critical. 

Brian hopes to utilize the knowledge gained at KESRA in his legal practice, to advance his competence in the provision of legal services as well as actively engage in civic awareness and law reform both domestically and internationally thus making a positive contribution to society.

Apart from his career, Brian enjoys writing, a passion that led him to team up with other dynamic young lawyers in Africa to establish the People’s Accolade Law Magazine which seeks to enlighten, inform and educate people on contemporary socio-legal issues in Africa. He is an avid reader of African literature, currently reading Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi. He also enjoys poetry and listening to country music.